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Our first 8 months

Posted by Kelly Stevenson on Oct 2nd 2015

  Hidee Hoo beady people, its October, the weather is changing, the air is a little bit nippy, and B2B is a couple of weeks from giving birth to its newest creation ( is that dramatic enough for you ? ), 4Ceed©. We cant wait to see what the Glam Squad will create with it, and of course, I cant wait to get it out to the Beading Family. We're receiving the newest batch of Etch Daggers©, more 2mm, 3mm, and new Golden colors in 4mm FP next week and Im pretty excited about that as well.

  BeadFest Philly was a blast, and to be honest, was really smooth. I expected more bumps in the road then what really happened ( the biggest problem Alicia and I had was finding someplace to eat, lol ). I was well prepared after doing so many shows for York and the booth looked better then I had expected. People really loved the Glam Squad, and Aurelio Castano's work using B2B's beads and the free tutorials were a big hit. One thing I did learn was having a great booth neighbor can really make a difference. I picked up a new friend and mentor in David Kramer from Dikra Gems ( his pieces are incredible, tell him I sent you and he'll take great care of you ). He introduced me to so many new people you would've thought we were partners. David's a great guy and one Im glad to call friend. The best part was seeing so many of my old Bead friends and family, seeing Nikia always sets my inner self right, and meeting Diane Dennis and her husband for the first time was great. Btw, her work is more incredible in person then in print, and everyone who took her class raved at what a patient teacher she was. It was a big asset having a Glam Squadder at the show, and a lesson well learned.

  Being out of Long Island, it only made sense for us to be at the Long Island Bead Festival. Ive been there before just to see if it was suitable for York ( it wasn't ), so I'm not sure if its a good show for us, on top of that, the weathers going to be sketchy, but we will be there, toughing it out. My youngest, Kalynn will be my booth helper, so be prepared for a bunch of cuteness in the after show pictures, lol.

  As for me, I'm ok, hanging in there, dealing with all the issues that come with a new business, and it's still fun for me, which is the environment that I am most comfortable in. I've lost 20+ pounds since May 29th, the day I got my fitbit. I've changed my diet as well as my lifestyle, and its not as hard as I've always made it to be. Every so often I pig out, but even then, I try to keep it as healthy as possible. The kids are still driving me up a wall, but overall are doing well. The boys are playing football for their school, as well as a community league ( I'm one of their coaches ), and Kalynn is becoming quite the cook, like her mother. Janel is a full grown adult now, and I still find it hard to believe. Between school and work, we hardly see her, but she's out there doing what we taught her to do, so I'm ok with that. Still miss her though. I love the sound of all my kids in the house, the yelling, telling on each other, the swats, then running away from each other, the laughing, the sound of them playing cards, etc. etc.

  Anyhoo, I again thank all of you who are in our Beading Family, those who get the joke, who smiles and shakes their heads when we post yet another crazy video, those who have helped support my vision, ( Jules and Mikki ) the ladies of the Glam Squad, Diane Dennis, Twyla Harbick, and Valerie Clifton, the whole of my Beyond Beadery family, and the Martin Bookstein and Danny Weisman, who taught me everything I know about beads, and especially PB, who let me be me and always believed I could do it.

  So, this was my first blog, forgive me if there was anything that was sappy, or crappy, lol. Can't wait to shoe you guys 4Ceed©......