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This weekend in Cromwell, Ct....

Mar 6th 2017

So Kalynn and I were in Cromwell, Ct this weekend
( Innovative Bead Expo, baby ! ), and two things happened. The first, I'm taking my first baby steps to learn to meditate. I suffer from what I call " stupid " anxieties, claustrophobia, the fear of being bound, caged, and Insomnia ( but only when I have to get up extra early, smh ). Serita, one half of the Beads Mosiac super duo, told me to see Renu, the other half, she can help you. So I hop my happy behind to see Renu, and she dropped some science on me. She started breaking down about meditation, how you can get there, and the benefits. It tickled me pink how she was very careful to not push my religious beliefs and showed me how it can almost transcend religion. Now, neither Renu nor Sarita are slow leaks, you don't get to fly to Dubai by not being smart, as well as successful. I enjoy their tutelage, and Alicia had been whispering in my ear about it as well, tbh, so I'll keep you updated. Btw, I haven't revealed the joint Twisted Sistah - Back2Bead incredibleness because when I showed the pictures to Leslie Pope, she said, " Your trying to hard, that's all ", which really means, your pics are crap, gimmie my damn ( insert project here ).... lol. Les is my peoples, period, lol. So when she takes the flicks, you'll be the first to know.
The second, as I was working the Cromwell show this weekend, I had a customer who asked a million questions, wanted 80% 0ff, then when I told her why she was getting a good bargain for her dollar, she said to me, now check this out, this is after me writing the receipt and everything, she looks me square in the eye and says, " Why should I spend my money with you " ?. After smacking down the devil inside me, and regaining my composure, I replied, one, I am a direct importer who innovates new bead ideas, coatings, and mixtures. For what you pay for 50 beads, you get 600 from us, strung, and we have new, exclusives all the time. I explained that we truly struggle to maintain our tagline, " the Unique and the Unusual ", stepping outside of the box, and lastly, I told her, when you buy from us, we don't have customers, only Beading Family, and we love our Beading Family. When you have a question, you get your response from the owner of the company, and you are always right with us. Any problem is no problem, its my job to take care of my Beading Family. She then handed me her debit card and said, " its always good to have more family ". No shit, I got kind of weepy, and was really glad she had stopped by. Aint that a bitch, lol ?